I want to tell you about a fantastic product called Jacob’s Ladder Treadmill Climber.  This product was actually recently featured on the new season of The Biggest Loser TV weight loss show.

My friend had one of these in his home gym, and I tried it out and boy did I get a workout, and by workout, I mean a full body workout!  My shoulders hurt, my lower back hurt, my legs hurt, but it was the good workout hurt that you feel.  I actually have bad knees, and I can’t run on regular treadmills, but this system was very low impact allowing me to workout on it without injuring my knees.

I was stoked when I saw this ladder treadmill on the Biggest Loser, and it was actually a main focal point of the last chance workout.

It is a hard workout, but if you are wanting to get into shape, build muscle and strength, while losing a lot of weight doing cardio exercises, this is the machine you want to get.

It comes with many great features you would expect in such a fitness product.  It has a microprocessor which helps you to monitor your calories, how far you have gone, how long you have been on, how fast you are going, and your heart rate.

It also features a tether line system that controls when the machine is moving or not… if you are getting close to the bottom, the tether will either change the speed or completely stop the system, to keep you safe.

My buddy also showed me the DVD that came with it, that helps you to get acquainted with the machine.  I was easily able to get the hang of the new and different motion provided by the Jacob’s Ladder Treadmill.